Boys stays with stripes collection

Caring parents pay a lot of attention dressing their child. After all, well-chosen things – the key to a baby’s health: he must feel comfortable in any weather and in any situation. Sometimes, it is especially important for boys. This season, the brand Paul Smith Junior presents belt for pants in blue and orange stripes with iron buckle on which can be seen the brand logo. As well as the bright and comfortable sneakers with orange stripes webbing on each side. Everey boy should have bright and fashionable trousers … brand Armani Junior offer simple, but bright blue straight trousers. Of course your boy needs a T – shirt, you have the opportunity to buy a T-shirt by Billybandit, fine T – shirt in white – black stripe and the inscription «What’s Up?». A wonderful choice for every day. Do not forget that it is necessary to save your boy from sunstroke, for this you can buy a cap from Lacoste in the usual green color and crocodile logo embroidered on the front. For boys, one of the most important things is an accessory – a trendy backpack. Young Versace brand offers bright blue and yellow colors backpack with the brand logo in black. Fashion for children – it is very serious. Children’s clothes – a very important aspect of the fashion industry, and everything here is the same as in adults: seasonal collections, fashion shows, articles and pictures in the magazines …. As soon as the baby grows, it is becoming more and more important for him. Often, the first benchmark of style for the child are his parents – do not forget about it.

Dress up your little children are very nice and pleasant work and in this case will help our online store of children’s clothes. Enjoy your shopping at Habeebaby!

Little girls dotty sport collection

Children’s clothing should be chosen wisely and carefully, as any child is extremely emotional and knows the world by means of the senses. The important role played in the process of cognition is clothing for children – it should be light, comfortable, should not interfere with the child; It plays an important role range of colors, from which it is sewn. Many famous brands have taken care of all the points. For girls brand Monnalisa offers a white T-shirt with print in the form of a duck with blue bow polka dot, this shirt ideal suits to dark blue classic straight jeans, which should have every girl, as well as the Monnalisa brand offers a very elegant beautiful shoes in white color with a blue bow in the middle. Every girl should have woman bag, Young Versace brand presents a bright, and fashionable sunny yellow bag, in addition to a short handle attached a long strap. If you suddenly become cold, Le Chic brand presents classic jacket in black – white colors, on pockets are cute white bows. In order that your cute little girl does not interfere with hair, you have the opportunity to purchase a simple but tasteful white hair hoop by Lili Gaufrette with multi-colored spots. Paying attention to a part of the fabric and comfort, we cannot forget about one more: a child should be like it! Perhaps for someone it sounds strange; you think: Do they understand something in clothes? Yet it is necessary to take into account the “tastes” of a little gentleman or little ladies: they can be offered to choose the color, draw their attention to a picture or decorative elements. Let the kids have really developed a taste and develop a sense of responsibility: it can not be said about the thing you chose, “inconvenient”, “ugly”, “tired”!

Children’s fashion in 2016 proves that you can wear the child stylish and comfortable! And may choose fashionable clothes in baby boutique here.